Madeleine Swartz

Madeleine’s path to a successful codependency therapist is lined with experiences that make her unique. She grew up in different parts of the world and saw diverse cultures before deciding to become a farmer.
Something came up. Madeleine paused life to recover from alcoholism and codependence. She quickly realised that she had something to offer in addiction treatment. Madeleine has taken part in the development of many of the programs in large Swedish open care institutions. She is a sought-after resource. After more than a decade of running her own groups, courses and individual therapy sessions, this knowledge has now been collected in a system of books and study material. Madeleine invites her family in and offers an unusually honest perspective on the recovery process.

Get up! – heal your codependency

In many ways, codependency is a bigger problem than addiction since it affects many more. Around each addict, there are 4-6 people who are affected, but in most cases only the addict receives treatment. Most people who grow up with addiction or dysfunctional patterns in the family develop problems similar to trauma, that need to be dealt with. People with unprocessed codependency issues often look for treatment when the injuries have manifested physically. “Get up” is a book that
describes the wounds and consequences among those who live with or have grown up with addiction in the family. The book offers tools for how to piece together your puzzle and understand yourself to recover from your codependence. “Get up” shows the path for healing your codependence through awareness, action and personal growth. “Get up” shows the way for reconciliation and forgiveness and how it is possible to move on in spite of deep wounds and broken relationships.
The book “Get up!” serves as the workbook in a system of study material and courses, where you can go more in-depth into your work with yourself and healing your codependency. There is also training for professionals who work with codependent people and addiction. Several thousand copies were sold in two editions in Sweden up to this date (June 2019). We hope the English speaking readers will find this first English edition just as useful.

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